Postcard Printing from Frisco, TX. We print High quality, low cost marketing postcards. Use our design tools, customize one of our templates or upload you own design. sizes from 4x4 to 9x12
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Frisco TX Postcard Printing by Anthem Printing. EDDM Printing

Our most common marketing postcard is the EDDM 8x10. This card has the maximum impact at the mailbox and the Every Door Direct Mail Prices are a real bargain. To get started pick your postcard size from the dropdown menu on the left, select your expected order quantity and paper quality. You can start with a blank template, or in some cases we have templates you may edit. (select that above) then hit continue You can download Anthem Printing's PhotoShop Print Templates for marketing postcards here

UV Coating on Postcards:

For 14pt. Gloss Coated Cover, UV Coating will be applied to the color sides of the postcard. If you no back print or black and white back there will be no coating applied to the back. 6x11 Postcards printed on both sides with gloss cover are very popular for direct mail.

UV Coating gives the postcard a magazine type feel and increases engagement.

File Format For Postcard Upload:

Accepted file formats: .EPS, .AI, .PSD, .JPG, .TIF, .TIFF, .PNG & .PDF

File Specs:

Upload print-ready postcard files at 350 dpi in CMYK color mode and get an Instant Online Proof. (Instant Online Proof is final and an additional proof will not be sent.) 
See resolution, bleed and color information below. 
Please use our Free Template to Ensure Proper Printing

After we receive your uploaded file(s), we will review each file. If we find any problems with your files, we'll contact you, 



All Postcard file formats must have a minimum of 350 dpi (dot per inch) resolution at 100% of the final print size.  This is very important for a high quality postcard.
Images designed for the internet are typically 72 dpi and not suitable for printing. 
Example 6"x 4" Postcard resolution: 350 dpi (2135 pixels x 1435 pixels) 
Please use our Free Template to Ensure Proper Printing

Color Mode:

All color artwork and/or images must be provided to Anthem Printing in CMYK Format (cyan, magenta, yellow, black)
All black & white artwork and/or images must be provided in gray-scale color mode.


For all postcards, please build your print-ready digital files by adding 0.1" bleed to each dimension. For example, a 6" x 4" postcard with full bleed should be 6.1" x 4.1". 
(Bleed is where the color goes past the edge of the design so that there is no whitespace after cutting)

Frisco, TX clients and those in the surrounding communities can have their business postcards delivered by Anthem Printing for a fee. All other order will ship via UPS

EDDM Postcard Sizes

  • 4x11 EDDM Postcard
  • 6x11 EDDM Postcard
  • 6.5x8 EDDM Postcard Email for prices, requires special layout to be EDDM Eligble
  • 6.5x9 EDDM Postcard
  • 6.5x12 EDDM Postcard
  • 8x10 EDDM Postcard
  • 8.5x11 EDDM Postcard
  • 9x11 EDDM Postcard email for prices
  • 9x12 EDDM Postcard email for prices

All postcards are not EDDM Eligible. The rules for EDDM can be confusing because they vary for different postal permit holders. The sizes we list as EDDM eligible sizes can be mailed by anyone. Please be careful when printing EDDM that you pick an eligible size or the post office may reject them.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Voter Contact will correct any errors that arise from improper cutting, poor print quality, color and print shift or delays in printing

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